Paul Kanciruk Student Award

The Paul Kanciruk Student Travel Award is available to graduate students who are without sufficient financial support to attend the International Conference and Workshop on Lobsters (ICWL). Recipients of the award will receive free registration to the ICWL, free lodging, and a cash stipend to help defray the cost of airfare.

The award honors the late Paul Kanciruk (1947-2006), who received his Ph.D. in 1976 under the supervision of Professor William Herrnkind at Florida State University (USA), and whose estate established this award.  Dr. Kanciruk spent most of his professional career as a respected scientist in the area of climate change and large database management, but his doctoral research contributed substantially to our understanding of lobster behavior.  Paul was unable to present his dissertation research at the first ICWL held in 1977 in Perth, Western Australia because of lack of funding.  Thus, it is fitting that this award be used to assist students in attending the ICWL in his memory – especially given that the 12th ICWL will again be held in Western Australia. 

To apply: 
Students wishing to apply must give either an oral or poster presentation at the ICWL.  They must be students at the time of application, but may have graduated by the time the conference convenes.  The selection criteria for the award are:

  1. strength of the science to be presented at the conference, as judged by the scientific abstract submitted by the student, and
  2. demonstrated need for travel funds, as determined from the student’s personal statement and a recommendation statement from the student’s major advisor confirming the student status of the applicant and describing how the student is deserving of the award.

Students who wish to apply for the award to attend the 12th ICWL in Fremantle, Western Australia should complete the application form available online ( The completed application form must be emailed to the Chair of the award committee (Dr. Mark Butler; Email: by 30 March 2020. 

The Award Committee:
Dr. Mark Butler (Chair), Old Dominion University (USA)
Dr. Alison MacDiarmid, National Institute for Water & Atmospheric Research (New Zealand)
Dr. Raquel Goni, Instituto Español de Oceanografía, (Spain)

Contributions:  Members of the international community with interests in lobster fisheries, management, and science who would like to contribute to the Kanciruk fund to ensure its existence for future conferences should contact Mark Butler (